Building Testing Programs in a Pandemic: Traditional v. Nomi

  1. Uses technology
  2. Creates a seamless user experience
  3. Delivers results quickly
  4. Captures and digitally records data at each step to make quality control and public health decisions easier
  5. Doesn’t incentivize overbilling and running up costs

User experience

Testing programs that are reliant on traditional healthcare methods, which we are seeing at scale (and fail) across the country, are not built with the patient or public health goals in mind. From the patient perspective — traditional testing programs are difficult to navigate and create unnecessary headaches.

Getting results quickly

Another important feature of a successful COVID-19 testing program is the ability to deliver results quickly. Patients are putting their lives, and often their families’ lives, on hold while they wait for results. Not only is this frustrating for patients, it’s even more frustrating for public officials that need an immediate read on the impact of COVID in their communities. The reality is that our lives will be dictated by cycles of testing from now until there is a widely available vaccine for this virus.

Digital records = quality control

Quality control is at the heart of any successful testing program. COVID testing is still new and we are constantly learning what works well and what does not on a daily basis. Our testing programs are designed to digitally capture data at each step of the testing process so that we, in coordination with our partners, can ensure that everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Keeping costs in check

As we mentioned at the top, certain COVIDtesting providers have seen this pandemic as a golden opportunity to overbill governments and insurers. Our model helps disincentivize runaway costs and overbilling by positioning us as the general contractor.



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