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Introducing the Next Phase of our COVID Response: End-to-End Immunization Delivery and Support

Today, we are expanding our nationally recognized COVID-19 testing programs to support the upcoming COVID-19 vaccination and immunization rollout. The program will support city, county and state operations to build successful community vaccination initiatives for the one-third or more of Americans who do not have consistent access to medical care.

By partnering with us, governments and public health agencies will have the capability, resources and infrastructure needed to meet all requirements and deploy immunizations for Phase I and II of the COVID-19 vaccination rollout plan outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, our program focuses on prioritizing vulnerable populations, reducing all-in costs, providing accurate and timely information to public health officials and improving patient experience.

We have built, managed and scaled statewide COVID-19 testing operations in Nebraska, Iowa, Utah and additional jurisdictions. Our testing operations are designed to make the process as seamless for patients and healthcare providers, as it is insightful to the public health officials who rely on its data. In that same vein, our immunization program will leverage technology to provide governments with the ability to track public health data, schedule vaccinations, check in on effectiveness, schedule boosters and follow up with patients.

Our success in community COVID-19 testing is directly applicable to immunizations. Many testing programs in states and cities throughout the country are still falling short with continually delayed results or paying hundreds of dollars more per test than necessary. That same chaos will ensue when the vaccine is ready for the public, and by leveraging our platform, local municipalities can effectively and efficiently roll out a vaccination program to all their residents, no matter their insurance status.

Our free community testing programs, currently responsible for 4% of all COVID-19 tests administered daily in the U.S., practically eliminated wait times at testing locations, shortened test result turnaround times to just 36 hours and offered the lowest unit cost of tests to states and counties. While many Americans will choose to receive the vaccination from their doctors or traditional methods, this new immunization program aims to fill the gap and provide critical vaccines for those who do not have access to a consistent medical provider.

Ensuring the COVID-19 vaccine is effectively distributed will require a comprehensive on-the-ground operation that focuses on prioritizing vulnerable populations, reducing all-in costs, providing accurate and timely information, and improving patient experience. Given our success in operating multiple statewide COVID-19 testing programs, we want to help governments develop and implement a strategy now that will allow them to easily launch and scale an effective inoculation program as soon as a vaccine becomes available.

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional testing processes have repeatedly fallen short in testing large populations at an affordable cost for cities and states. We rebuilt the COVID-19 testing infrastructure from digital engagement to supply chain to digital lab automation to create a better system that improved efficiency that resulted in a better user experience and lower cost per test. The status-quo for immunizations is likely to face a similar fate to testing unless local governments begin to build a comprehensive vaccination program that builds on the learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic. We are primed to help states and local municipalities quickly and affordably receive immunizations and other healthcare supplies necessary for an effective immunization program.

Healthcare is expensive and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We are working to streamline healthcare processes and increase access.