Nomi Health: rebuilding the supply chain and reshaping the way governments respond to a crisis

Our origins

Nomi Health was originally founded on the idea of lowering barriers to healthcare access by creating more direct access to reduce its high cost, so it made sense for us to apply the same approach to this undertaking.

  1. the initiative well exceeded any semblance of our initial vision in cost, time and scale;
  2. one single organization was needed to pull everything together, coordinate and hold partners accountable; and
  3. the State of Utah wanted a single contractor to manage the response, rather than paying and managing dozens of individual companies.

What we do

Nomi serves as the general contractor for TestUtah, TestIowa and TestNebraska, ensuring every vendor is paid and everything functions as needed. As a general contractor, we signed multi-million dollar contracts with the states of Utah, Nebraska and Iowa with the majority of dollars flowing to support the partner organizations. Only a percentage of that dollar figure goes to Nomi Health. Nomi is responsible for supplying and delivering FDA-authorized tests, ISO 270001, FedRAMP, HITRUST and HIPAA-compliant technology, and testing site materials for these programs.

Our quality & standards

While our company may be new, the people we are working with aren’t. We have harnessed the combined clinical expertise of MountainStar Health, Co-Diagnostics, ATL Technologies and SafeLane from day one, and Cortex brings a workforce of over 800 RNs to the table every day. Qualtrics and Domo are first in class technology companies and their experience speaks for itself. Dave Elkington is a master of systems and Ryan Hyde and his team have transformed how labs work.

Where we operate

We’ve made tremendous progress since we launched TestUtah on April 2 and have worked tirelessly to move fast, cut costs and deliver when others couldn’t.

Delivering when others couldn’t

Over the last three months we’ve moved fast, come in well under budget and are providing testing at one-third of the costs of others.



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Nomi Health

Nomi Health

Healthcare is expensive and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We are working to streamline healthcare processes and increase access.