Two Years of Impact: How Nomi Health has Transformed Healthcare Delivery in the Face of the Pandemic

Battling the Pandemic

COVID-19 exposed that America’s two core healthcare channels — providers and retail care — simply could not rise to meet the new demands of care delivery. Nomi Health created a “third lane” of direct care to patients, an entirely new ecosystem outside of the traditional public/private healthcare system. We tested more patients daily than all the big-box pharmacies combined.

Burden Free Testing: From Rural Counties to Prisons

While many states and organizations struggled to get testing sites up and running, Nomi Health powered the very first — and still the very few — “burden-free testing programs” in the nation. This means we operated testing sites that did not require symptoms, a doctor’s note or insurance in the earliest days of the pandemic. We believed that access to testing was more important than red tape.

  • Launched 100+ mobile care teams
  • Led the nation’s largest known mobile COVID-19 vaccine and testing program
  • Continued to welcome uninsured Americans to our sites nationwide when HRSA lapsed
  • Ensured quality and rigor in all our testing and clinics
  • Served 44% of patients living in ZIP codes where the poverty rate is greater than 15%

Impact Beyond COVID-19

Our commitment has and will continue to center around:

  • Providing lower costs for buyers of healthcare in both public and private sectors
  • Increasing access to care for patients — especially those in underserved communities who need it most
  • Improving the entire experience for everyone involved



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Nomi Health

Nomi Health

Healthcare is expensive and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. We are working to streamline healthcare processes and increase access.